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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text strings that a website can send, while browsing, to the user’s device (be it a pc, a notebook, a smartphone, a tablet; they are usually stored directly on the browser used for browsing). The same website that transmitted them, then, can read and record cookies that are on the device to obtain information of various types.

How many types of cookies exist?

There are various types of cookies, with different characteristics. Cookies can be classified, first of all, as:

* session cookies, which are deleted immediately when the browser is closed (for example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.).

* persistent cookies, which – unlike session cookies-remain inside the device continuing to operate even after the browser is closed and until the expiration of a certain period of time

* First-party cookies that are Cookies generated and managed directly by the operator of the website on which the user is browsing

* third-party cookies, which are generated and managed by subjects other than the operator of the website on which the user is browsing (by virtue, as a rule, of a contract between the owner of the website and the third party).

The two functional macro-categories are:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are generally necessary for the proper functioning of the website and to allow navigation; without them the browser may not be able to correctly view the pages or use some services. For example, a technical cookie is essential to keep the user connected during the entire visit to a website, or to store Language Settings, Display, and so on. Technical cookies can be further distinguished in cookie navigation, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, make a purchase or authenticate to access the reserved areas); analytics cookies, similar to technical cookies only where they are used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and on how they visit the site; functionality cookies, which allow the user to browse according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to the same.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user and are used to promote offers in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of surfing the net. In any case it does not use this type of cookie. Since these tools are not necessary for the proper functioning of the site but are used exclusively to allow the navigator to become aware of the offers that best suit his needs, STUDIO VISCONTI E NOBILE, as far as it is competent, it allows the user / Navigator the possibility to enable or disable them the user / Navigator the possibility of enabling or disabling them by providing the link to the cookie policy of the the user / Navigator the possibility to enable or disable them, both directly and for those of third parties, by providing the link to the cookie policy of the owner.

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